About WebLeto


My name is Gene and I'm website developer. WebLeto was originally just a tool I created for myself and my clients, because i didn't like any similar product out there. I like products that are simple to use, that "just work", but in the same time are powerful. Most of the website monitoring tools out there are complicated and/or expensive. I don't like to pay hundreds of dollars, just to have SMS notification if my one of my websites goes down. The same with cloud off-site backup solutions, they are lacking features, and also complicated to use.

Now i have decided to put this website online for general public. With free account you can set up monitoring of your websites including email and SMS notification (3 free SMS per month). I hope you will find my service useful.

Please, drop me an email at gene [AT] webleto.com or submit a contact form if you want to give me any kind of feedback or ask any questions.

Have a nice day !