Comparison of WebLeto Backup with Competition

Built-in hosting backup

Today almost every website hosting is offering some kind of automatic backups. The problem is that often it is only creating backup in your hosting account (in the same space where your website is hosted).
  • Our solution provides true off-site backups, so even if your hosting gets compromised and your backups deleted, with us you will have always independent backup of your most important data

Wordpress plugins

Various Wordpress like UpDraftPlus, JetPack Backups or other CMS plugins like promise easy and painless backups. But are they really good ? Our solution gives you several advantages against them:
  • Our backup soluttion is not plugin, so it doesnt install inside your website, it doesnt increase attack vector against your website, you don't need to periodically update it, it doesn't slow down your website

Custom backup solution

Custom solution that does automatic backup of your data and backs it up on off-site location sounds the best. But the problem is that you or your developer can always make mistakes that will be found only when you will really need, and at that point it will be too late to fix bugs on your custom backup solution.

  • Our backup solution is used daily by hundreds of clients and is tested by fire. You can rely on our fine-tuned solution to provide you the optimal backup solution

Other cloud backup solutions

There is multitiude of cloud 3rd party backup solutions, for example DropMySite,

  • Our backup soluttion is free, 3rd party backup solutions charge you usually per GB, but they have a huge margin, so the biggest your website is or the more backups you want, the more overcharged you will be by these services.