• You can monitor any URL you want
  • Detailed error report in case of downtime (e.g. error HTTP status code, or network error, or DNS error, or SSL certificate error etc...)
  • Up to 10 monitors in the free plan
  • Email notification when your website goes Up or Down
  • Free SMS notifications (3 SMS per month)
  • If you monitor secure (https://) URL, our monitor automatically checks the status of your SSL certificate and will alert you if certificate is expired.


  • Backup of website files AND database
  • WebLeto connects to your website via secure SSH (SCP/SFTP) protocol. Unsecure protocols (like FTP) are not supported.
  • Automatic rotation of your backup files, by default last 7 daily backups are kept
  • 1-click backup download - download your backup easily anytime you want

Do you miss some features?

Perhaps you want to:
  • Monitor your website from different places in the world ?
  • Use different HTTP methods for monitoring (POST, PUT, ....) ?
  • Compare website monitoring output with predefined pattern ?
  • Backup your website in your own datacenter?
  • Add support for other databases than MySQL like PostgreSQL, MSSQL, or MongoDB ?
  • Do you need multiple alert emails or phone numbers ?
  • Automatic restore of your website's files and database?
  • Keep longer history of your backups ?
Let us know ! We appreciate feedback from you.